Photonesto Customer Zone

Find out what that is and how you can benefit from it.

Customer Zone is where your photo galleries are displayed together. It’s a great way to provide an overview of your work to your potential customers. It also shows how much of an active photographer you are. The Customer Zone is often the tipping point for the customers to select and purchase your services.

Additionally, including a link to your Customer Zone on your website will make it easier for your customers to find their photo gallery.

Moreover, you can embed the Customer Zone inside your own website. Read more here Embedding the Customer Zone on your website

1. Navigate to the Customer Zone

In order to open you Customer Zone log in to your photographer panel. Next, in the main dashboard, you click the button on the top of the screen.

As you can see, the Customer Zone includes your galleries list as well as your contact information for the viewers.

The Customer Zone address is always the same so feel free to provide your customers with it.

Each photo gallery in Photonesto can be included in the Customer Zone.

You can decide which ones should be included.

When you create your gallery there is an option to see more options. Clicking the button in the creation dialog expands your options options.

The toggle button controls whether the gallery shows up in the Customer Zone or is not included in there.

Sometimes there is a situation when you need to remove an existing photo gallery from the Customer Zone. In Photonesto you can do it at any point.

AIn order to do it, navigate to the photo gallery Settings tab. In there, there is also a toggle button that controls the its visibility in the Client Zone.

3. Further customization

In the Customer Zone, apart from the photo galleries list you can provide your contact information for your customers.

Your viewers can, consequently, go to your website and your social media pages. If you need more information about further customization of the Customer Zone check out our other article - How to personalize your Photonesto account.

Summing up

The Photonesto Customer Zone is the place where you can present your photo galleries to your customers.

In some sense, it can be the beginning of many new exciting projects.

If you are not using Photonesto as yet, try it now!